The Ananas Comosus (L.) Mert, variant “Smooth Cayenne”, originally comes from South America. It first appeared in São Miguel during the 18th century as an ornamental plant. However, after the decay of the Orange production in the 19th century, which at the time was the main and most prominent crop produced in the island, due to a fungus disease known as “Gomose” (Phythophthora sp.), the need for a substitute culture led to the rise of pineapple production which became so relevant to the point that it eventually turned into one of the regions most recognizable cultural symbols.

On the 12th of November of 1864, as an initiative of José Bensaúde, the first 12 boxes of Pineapple were shipped to England and by the 20th century, the Best Pineapple in the World had already been exported to countries such as England, Germany, and Russia.