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Azorean Pineapple Plantation

Azorean Pineapple Plantation

Azorean Pineapple Plantation

The Azorean Pineapple Plantation is a delightful spot located just a few minutes from the center of Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel. Here, our visitors embark on a historic journey through the centennial culture of centennial culture that originates the best pineapple in the world: the Azorean Pineapple! Free tours, Azorean Pineapple for sale, local products, pineapple delicacies and a lot more.

Explore the greenhouses

In the Azorean Pineapple Plantation people are invite, to explore the traditional greenhouses where the Azorean pineapple has been cultivated for more than 150 year, each one of them in different stages of the cycle, and get to know all the secrets and particularities of this extraordinary culture.

To enjoy

We also offer a free tasting of 1864 pineapple jam and 1864 pineapple liqueur to all of our visitors.

To enjoy

No nosso bar desfrutam-se de diversas iguarias à base do Ananás dos Açores, como os deliciosos sumos naturais confecionados no momento, o bolo, os cocktails e os sorvetes artesanais, tudo isto enquanto descontrai na nossa esplanada com vista para as estufas.

Summer Time

From 9 am to 8 pm

Winter Time

From 9 am to 6 pm

Our Products





Regional Crafts and Local Products

In the space dedicated to regional products and local crafts, it is possible to find unique pieces by local artisans as well as a selection of some of the best products in the region, including Pineapple from the Azores. You can also taste the Liquor and Sweet Pineapple from the Azores 1864, exclusive productions of the company Boa Fruta, Lda.


(99gr / 250gr / 500gr)

Pineapple jam produced in the São Miguel island with real chunks of fruit and fewer sugars than the conventional. This traditional jam recipe has as the main ingredient the outstanding king of the fruits, Pineapple, the most recognizable symbol of the Azores Region. Besides having a very pleasant and sensational sweet fragrance, the 1864 pineapple jam has a very distinct and luxurious texture due to the juicy chunks of pineapple that will be everyone’s perfect delight . This product is available in three different sizes, the 99g, 250g and 500g.


(100ml / 500ml)

The 1864 Pineapple Liqueur, produced with the Best Pineapple in the world, the Azorean Pineapple has a sharp but very pleasant taste. This pineapple liqueur has a 20% alcohol content and is produced exclusively in São Miguel island. Its truly special flavor takes us on a historic journey through the centennial cultivation of the king of the fruits, the Azorean Pineapple. This product is available in two different sizes, the 100 ml glass bottle and the 500 ml glass bottle.

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